encinitassign1928ENCINITAS is a classic California beach town located in San Diego’s North County along the Pacific Ocean. The climate is very mild with average daily high of 72°F. Temperatures below 40°F and above 85°F are rare. Average rainfall is 10 inches per year.

In the whole of Encinitas the population is about 63,000. In the downtown area the population is 10,500. Median income is $63,000 and the average household income is $88,000. Average age is 40.

encinitassign2001The Encinitas lifestyle evokes visions of endless summers, beaches, surfers, year-round gardens and scenic roadways. The culture is all about being casual and comfortable. Encinitas residents know how to enjoy life and spend much of their time outdoors since the weather is nearly perfect.

Encinitans take great pride in their historic downtown, their beautiful beaches and vibrant community and invite you to discover what they’ve enjoyed since 1883