Does Prop A Comply with California Election Code?

By Bill Weedman

I am confused by Proposition A, the Community Character and Voters’ Rights Initiative.

In an effort to better understand why other initiatives included text showing what was being proposed for repeal or amendment but Proposition A did not include the text of the sections of the Encinitas General Plan and Encinitas Municipal Code being proposed for repeal or amendment, I researched the California initiative process, including reviewing various court decisions relative to section 9201 of the California Election Code (which is shown below for the reader’s information).

9201. Any proposed ordinance may be submitted to the legislative body of the city by a petition filed with the elections official of the legislative body, in the manner hereinafter prescribed, after being signed by not less than the number of voters specified in this article. The petition may be in separate sections, providing that the petition complies with this article. The first page of each section shall contain the title of the petition and the text of the measure. The petition sections shall be designated in the manner set forth in Section 9020.
9020. The petition sections shall be designed so that each signer shall personally affix all of the following:
(a) His or her signature.
(b) His or her printed name.
(c) His or her residence address, giving street and number, or if no street or number exists, adequate designation of residence so that the location may be readily ascertained.
(d) The name of his or her incorporated city or unincorporated community.
Only a person who is a qualified registered voter at the time of signing the petition is entitled to sign it.
The number of signatures attached to each section shall be at the pleasure of the person soliciting the signatures.

I read that the California Court of Appeals case known as Mervyn’s v. Reyes, 69 Cal. App. 4th 93 (1998) contained a summary of cases relative to how initiatives were determined not to be in substantial compliance with section 9201 of the California Election Code given that the full text of general plan or code provisions proposed for adoption, repeal or amendment by an initiative were not contained within the initiative. Since the initiatives did not contain the full text as required by section 9201, the court essentially nullified the initiatives. Some of the initiatives were nullified prior to the public vote being held, but most were nullified after the voters approved the initiative.

I encourage anyone with an interest in Proposition A or the reasoning behind the court’s decision to nullify the Mervyn’s v. Reyes initiative to enter the case name into a search engine, download the decision and read the case discussions.

Since the required existing and proposed text of the Encinitas General Plan and Encinitas Municipal Code proposed for repeal or amendment is not shown in Proposition A, seemingly in non-compliance with section 9201 of the California Election Code, voters must take additional steps to independently locate and research the documents in order to determine if the voter wants to affirm the proposition.

Only a court can say with certainty whether the failure of Proposition A, the Community Character and Voters’ Rights Initiative, to include the required text of the Encinitas General Plan and Encinitas Municipal Code proposed for repeal or amendment complies with California Elections Code.

If  Proposition A becomes effective, city staff will have to implement the measure in accordance with section 9.1 of Proposition A which states:

Once this initiative measure becomes effective, its provisions shall prevail over and supersede all provisions of the municipal code, ordinances, resolutions, and administrative policies of the City of Encinitas which are in conflict with any provisions of this measure.

Absent the standard strike-out and underline language that would show the public and city staff those provisions that the drafter(s) of Proposition A deem to be in conflict with the proposition, staff has no guidance as to how to implement section 9.1. I also read in my research that only legislative acts and not administrative acts may be repealed or amended via an initiative, thus any administrative policies noted in section 9.1, shown above, may not be subject to the initiative.

In order to be effective, a regulation must be clearly written with sufficient guidance for implementation and in compliance with relevant codes and court decisions; at this point, I do not believe that Proposition A would be effective.

With consideration given to the research noted above, I will vote “NO” on Proposition A.

Bill Weedman, an Encinitas resident for over 20 years who participated in drafting and implementing many code amendments during his approximately 30 years of employment as a land-use planner continues to draft code amendments as a community volunteer, was the Encinitas City Planner from the incorporation of the city of Encinitas in 1986 through 2006.

The thoughts herein solely represent the work of the author and are not intended to represent any group and are not to be used or quoted by any group without specific written permission.
NOTE: A source for review of the initiative process is Solano Press Books’ Curtin’s California Land Use and Planning Law.


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DEMA Board of Directors Opposes Prop A

DEMA Supports the City Council in Their Unanimous Opposition to Prop A

The Board of Directors of the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association (DEMA) has voted to support the City Council in their opposition to Prop A ( the Right to Vote initiative .  PROP A will be the only item on the ballot in a special election on June 18th, 2013.  PROP A states “Once this initiative measure becomes effective, its provisions shall prevail over and supersede all provisions of the Municipal code, ordinances, resolutions, and administrative policies of the City of Encinitas which are in conflict with any of the provisions of this measure”.  The Downtown Encinitas Specific Plan (DESP) of the City of Encinitas contains a number of amendments that are in conflict with the provision of  PROP A.
No on A
Based on DEMA’s review of PROP A if it is passed by a majority vote in the election it will be extremely devastating to the DESP and to Downtown Encinitas’s property owners, businesses and residents. The DESP is the rudder that has steered Downtown Encinitas, since February 9th, 1994, into the thriving and dynamic neighborhood that is enjoyed by everyone. Many of the key elements in the DESP will be removed by the approval of PROP A and will only be able to be reinstated by the approval of the Planning Commission, City Council, California Coastal Commission and a vote of the people. The Board of Directors of DEMA is concerned that during the uncertainty of this many year process, and the potential for legal challenges to PROP A, property values and real estate transactions will suffer and improvement loans and insurance policies will be extremely difficult to obtain as there will be no clear indication of the development rights to property in the DESP area. Outlined below are a few of the key elements of the DESP that will be negatively impacted if PROP A is approved by the voters.

 Mixed-Used Zoning

The DESP allows mixed-use zoning in a number of the commercial zoned areas of Downtown Encinitas. A majority of the projects built in Downtown Encinitas in the last 20 years have utilized the mixed-use zoning provisions. The mixed-used portions of the DESP would be superseded by the approval of PROP A and PROP A would eliminate opportunities for transit oriented mixed-use development near our downtown transit hub.  Any property owner requesting to build a mixed-use project would have to go through all the of the standard approvals required today ( coastal, design review and building permit) as well as receiving a majority vote of the electorate of Encinitas. This could be perceived as extremely difficult and may deter many property owners from undertaking improvements to their properties.

 Historical Overlay Zone

The DESP contains an overlay for properties deemed historic. It allows a number of creative uses for those properties as a means to preserve our historic properties.  As one example the Boathouses on Third Street are in a residential zone. The Historical Overlay Zone allows one or both of them to become a museum. This would be considered a commercial use and under the provisions of PROP A would have to go through all the standard approvals as well as receiving a majority vote of the electorate of Encinitas. As a negative result PROP A would in essence remove the Historical Overlay Zone from the DESP.

On-Street Parking Credits

The DESP currently allows a property owner to achieve additional building area by applying a credit for each on-street parking space that is adjacent to their property. This has been a major incentive and may have on its own led to many of the improvement projects built in Downtown Encinitas since the DESP was adopted February 9th, 1994. Because this would be considered an increase in the maximum allowable commercial or retail square footage for a parcel or group of parcels, under the provisions of PROP A, a project utilizing on-street parking credits would be subject to all the standard approvals as well as receiving a majority vote of the electorate of Encinitas. This is another key element of the DESP that has led to Downtown Encinitas being a vibrant community that would be substantially negated under the provisions of PROP A and deter current and potential property owners from improving their property.

Building Height

 The current DESP allows increases in height over 2 stories and 30 feet in very limited circumstances in its commercial zones. As an example, for a proposed mixed-use project in a commercial zone with an affordable living unit the project is allowed to be 3 stories and 33 feet. Both the Moonlight Lofts project and the Pacific Station project provided multiple affordable units that have enhanced our downtown diversity.  The provisions of PROP A would eliminate this incentive to provide affordable living units in Downtown Encinitas since height would be limited to 2 stories or 30 feet. The Visitor Serving Commercial Zone is allowed to be built to a height of 3 stories and 33 feet. It also has provisions to allow sloped roofs to 37 feet. The Visitor Serving Commercial Zone is located north of C Street at the northern end of 2nd Street. This zone could support a boutique hotel, desired by many in the City, for Downtown Encinitas.

In the residential zones of the DESP, PROP A’s provisions will have the opposite effect. Under the DESP and applicable Zoning Code a residential project cannot exceed 2 stories with 22 feet at the wall plate and 26 feet at the ridge with a sloped roof. The initiative will supersede these provisions and allow 2 stories or 30 feet regardless of roof slope. This increases the height of buildings in the residential zones considerably and could result in significant view obstruction.

Another concern of the height limitation of 2 stories or 30 feet is the effect it will have on existing buildings that are currently non-conforming to PROP A’s height provisions. There is a strong possibility that improvements to these existing buildings, if they were damaged by earthquake or fire, the Historic La Paloma Theatre for example, would not be allowed over 2 stories or 30’ or would require a majority vote of the electorate of Encinitas in order to proceed with any major improvements.

 Dwelling Units

The DESP has a provision in the DR-11 zone allowing 2 residential units on a lot when that lot has an area of 5,000 square feet or more. In the R-11 zone, outside of the DESP area, you must have a lot area of 7,900 square feet to have 2 residential units. PROP A considers this an increase in the number of dwelling units on a residential lot and would remove this incentive from the DESP and consequently lower the property values of many of the residential properties in the DESP area.


Based on our summary of key elements of the DESP that will be negatively impacted by PROP A the DEMA board trusts that our members will understand the reasoning behind our support of the City Council in their opposition to PROP A.  The DEMA board also believes that our members will appreciate the concerns the board has about the impact PROP A will have on our Downtown Encinitas community and the DESP.  The DEMA board anticipates that our members will make the decision to vote NO on PROP A on May 18th.



The Board of Directors of the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association


Download, print and post these “No on A” flyers:

- Propzilla Flyer 8×12

- No on A




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City of Encinitas, Encinitas 101 Association & SDG&E Arbor Day Planting Event in Downtown Encinitas

May 2013 –  In celebration of the City of Encinitas’ Second Year as a “Tree City USA” and in collaboration with Encinitas 101 Association and San Diego Gas and Electric an Arbor Day Celebration on May 25, 2013 will include planting trees on the 800 block of Second Street in downtown Encinitas with our local business and homeowners.

 This year’s event will include planting a variety of outstanding trees selected for this area.   Business owners, homeowners and local residents will benefit from a tree planting demonstration and various educational booths illustrating the benefits of trees.

“Encinitas prides itself on planting and caring for our trees,” said Donna Trotter, Program Coordinator for the Public Works Street Maintenance Division.  “Trees shade our homes and businesses, they add beauty to our neighborhoods, and importantly trees add environmental, economic and social benefits.”

Our volunteers will include: 2nd Street Business and homeowners, Encinitas 101, San Diego Gas and Electric, , West Coast Arborists, Wishing Tree Foundation, Armstrong Garden Center, Anderson’s Nursery, Barrels and Branches, Cordova Greenhouses and Sunshine Gardens.

We hope our residents of Encinitas will drop by the 800 block of Encinitas and participate in our Arbor Day Event on May 25, 2013 beginning at 9:30 a.m.



Date: May 25, 2013

Time:  9:30 a.m.-1:00p.m.

Planting Demonstration & Tree Planting on 2nd Street

Tree City USA Dedication & Informational booths


For further information regarding the Arbor Day Event feel free to contact Donna Trotter, Program Coordinator, Public Works Department at 760 633-2850 or Dody Crawford, Executive Director, Encinitas 101 at 760 943-1950.

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Come Visit, Enjoy

This is Historic Encinitas, a classic Southern California beach town, where people enjoy the simple inspired by nature and respect our cultural heritage.  We support the arts.  These are the shared values that hold us together.  It  is what keeps us dynamic and strong.

The Downtown Encinitas MainStreet (DEMA) is an organization of business owners and residents who have helped turn Historic Downtown Encinitas, into a fertile ground for creative pursuits.  Our mission is to promote and protect our most treasured assets:  our people, our culture, and our precious natural resources.

The friendships that are forged here among neighbors who share similar passions – for sports, the environment, yoga, poetry, music and the arts – have helped create new ventures and new ways of approaching life.

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A Gift to the Streets: New Banners of Downtown Encinitas Landmarks on Hwy 101

December 2012 – In an effort to dress up its coastal corridor, the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association (DEMA) will be hanging new banners depicting downtown landmarks this week.  They will be up in time for visitors to enjoy during the Holiday Parade.

 DEMA commissioned local artist, Jim McConlogue, to create six iconic scenes including the La Paloma Theatre, the Boathouses, Moonlight Beach, the Self-Realization Fellowship Lotus Tower, Swami’s Beach and the Pumpkin Patch.

“I knew Jim would be the perfect artist to paint these for us”, said DEMA Executive Director, Dody Crawford. “He has already painted other banners for the Arts Alive Banner Project that are so iconic. He has done the same for us with this series.”

Jim McConlogue lives in Encinitas with his wife and three children. He paints with oil, both in plein-air and out of his home studio. Jim is currently working on a number of commissioned paintings, and his original oils are being shown at the Leucadia Art Gallery and Corner Frame Shop in Leucadia and the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in La Jolla.

Jim has reproduced the downtown images as smaller fine art giclees on canvas and is pleased to offer them to the public for sale.

DEMA looks forward to presenting the banners to the Encinitas community and its visitors.

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Bobby Virk  /  Moonlight Beach 7-Eleven

As the owner of the Moonlight Beach 7-Eleven, I have become deeply involved within our downtown Encinitas Community.  My history is grounded in San Diego County.   I attended UCSD as an undergraduate, followed by SDSU for an MBA.  I am in the downtown daily as a customer and a merchant, and I’ve been blessed to surf some of the best breaks in the world; which happen to be in our wonderful town.  I recently celebrated the 6-year anniversary of owning the 7-Eleven business, and I am also serving my 5th year as a DEMA Board Director and have served as a past Vice-President.  

 I have a deep appreciation and interest in the preservation and growth of our unique downtown, and I have served on various committees including Outdoor Dining, Marketing and I have chaired the Security Committee.   If re-elected, I would like to focus my energy on security concerns to ensure our downtown stays safe and desirable in the years to come.  Having served on the DEMA Board, I have been grateful for the wonderful relationships I have developed with fellow merchants, residents, and volunteers: many of whom I am fortunate to call friends.  I hope to continue my efforts on the DEMA Board, and be involved in the appreciation of the gem we call Encinitas.


Chassie Bell  / Whole Foods Market

Chassie Bell is the Marketing and Community Liaison at Whole Foods Market, Encinitas. She is originally from Las Vegas but moved to Encinitas with her husband and two dogs nearly two years ago and has never looked back. They are now the proud owners of a fixer-upper in their dream community.  Chassie focuses her marketing efforts on bringing the community together for events that enrich people’s lives through cooking classes, nutrition lectures, movie screenings, concerts and a variety of events for kids. She is also the driving force behind the store’s fundraising efforts and since the store opened has helped raise almost $15,000 for not-for-profit organizations in the Encinitas community.  One of her current projects at Whole Foods Market is to help certify all three stores as zero waste properties. 

Chassie was previously a board member for Heaven Can Wait Animal Sanctuary and helped bring significant brand awareness to the non-profit which increased event exposure and donations to help serve homeless animals and teach humane education in Las Vegas.  She is also enrolled in the nutrition program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is the author of the food and lifestyle blog, cbandjblog.com and can cook up a mean corn and tarragon ravioli.

Chassie is committed to utilizing her passion and knowledge of social media, graphic design, marketing and event planning  to help Encinitas maintain a healthy, active and family-friendly community that is progressive, innovative and all-around awesome!


Haven Dunn   /  D Street Bar & Grill

 For more than ten years I have been a local resident, first in Cardiff and then in Encinitas and since 2006, I have been the General Operations Manager of D Street Bar & Grill in Encinitas.  I have been a very active and proactive member of our community personally and I have been able to incorporate D Street in efforts to support our community as well.  Collectively we have helped to clean up our local beaches, keep our neighborhoods working together in a collaborative effort.

 My graduate degrees from UCSB in Marine Biology and Invertebrate Zoology exemplify my deep commitment to the ocean and its value to our ocean community.  As a newlywed (September 2011), the future of all of our children is a main focus and it has been easy to enlist my wife and her professional community in our efforts to insure that our home in Encinitas is the perfect place to raise our children.

 If you ask my friends and family, they will tell you that I am a “people person”.   If there is a problem, I can find the solution.  If there is an argument, I can mediate.  I am naturally able to be objective and I am not only able to see the big picture, but I am able to lead others to discover it for themselves.  Resolution is the key that I can offer to open doors in our community. 

 As a successful, long-term, highly-public local business owner, I have the experience needed that will prove advantageous in local government.  You can count on me, and most folks in our community will agree, I have the best interests of our community and our environment at heart.  I can already offer in this election my recent experience and involvement in our local community issues, and success in coming together to resolve issues.  I believe that my efforts already have strengthened us in our ability to work together and I am committed to continue in that effort.       


Amie Brown  /  Community Resource Center

 In April, 2012, I accepted the position of Director of Business Strategies for Community Resource Center (CRC), a non-profit dedicated to providing safety, stability and a path to self-sufficiency to victims of domestic violence and other episodically homeless members of our community.

I took the position because of my passion for helping women and girls, but have now fallen in love with everything CRC has to offer the residents of Encinitas and surrounding communities.  Our “self-sufficiency” model is effective and appeals to all audiences.  I am so proud to be a part of the downtown community through both our Admin/Social Services office and our popular Encinitas Thrift Store.  I absolutely love working downtown, set smack in between the incomparable Moonlight Beach and some of my favorite restaurants in all of San Diego!

Prior to working at CRC I worked at the Council of Community Clinics as Executive Director of the for-profit subsidiary, Council Connections, a national Group Purchasing Organization.  I am a graduate of the Clinic Leadership Institute (CLI), a project of the Blue Shield of California Foundation and UCSF’s Center for the Health Professions, and recently completed my two-year term as Co-Chair of the CLI Alumni Committee. I am a proud member of Hand to Hand, a local initiative which provides funding to organizations and programs that impact long-term positive change and self-sufficiency in the lives of women and girls in San Diego County. In 2011, I received both her Certificate in Non-Profit Management and Certificate in Fund Raising Management (CFRM).  I have a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a B.A. in Sociology from San Diego State University.

In 2010, I purchased a home in Encinitas which houses a blended family with 4 active and wonderful girls, ages 9 to 13.  Because I live, work and play in Encinitas and I care about the community as it relates to my job and family, I would be proud to serve on the Board of DEMA and hopefully bring value with my experience in business, sales and leadership.


Hil Mercado  /  CBRE

 Hil Mercado is a 37-year commercial real estate broker with CBRE (formerly CB Richard Ellis).  Hil specializes in retail leasing, sales, and development of shopping centers.   His most recognized projects in North County San Diego County are:

  •  Encinitas Ranch Town Center
  • Plaza Encinitas Ranch
  • Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall
  • San Elijo Town Center
  • Pacific Station, Encinitas

 Hil was previously a DEMA board member from 1996 to 2009 and served as past Vice President.  Hil’s previous board member experience includes 101 Streetscape, Boat Houses and is currently an active member of the La Paloma Preservation Committee.

 Hil is member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Knights of Columbus within St. Johns Church and has been married to his wife Donna for 48 years. Hil is a downtown resident and shares a vision of downtown that can make us all proud.


Priscilla Carrillo  /  Encinitas Pizza Company

 Hello my name is Priscilla Carrillo I have lived in Cardiff, for a little over a year now recently engaged to Phillip Drew, in which some of you may know or heard of he’s an amazing individual that loves to surf and loves to be around people. Phil and I will be eloping to Maui this September and we are counting down the days. We hope to start a little a family shortly after and hope to raise our kids here in Encinitas. I fell in love with this city the moment I hit the town, I love that people are very genuine, free spirited and self-sufficient, I knew I found home when I moved here from Chula Vista. My Fiancé and I love this area so much that him and a partner decided to open a small restaurant here in the heart of Encinitas off highway 101 called Encinitas Pizza Company, this place has a great story with a wonderful history and we love to tell it. Some of you may know it as the old Giovanni’s but we revamped it and put some new flavor and décor on the walls. Our goal is for EPC to be a warm family oriented place to have a pie or a 12”sub, so far we have been getting some really good feedback we just hope to continue that and hope for it to be a success.

 As of December last year I started working at Solace & Moonlight Lounge as a bartender, and so far I’m enjoying the atmosphere and most of all the people. My experience in the restaurant industry is a long list, growing up in family owned restaurants has taught me quite a bit, but my goal is to start my career and working in the restaurant industry will hopefully open some doors for me. Aside from bartending at Solace I am a full time student at UOP working on my Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care, I have less than a year left to graduate which I’m very excited for. I would like to start a career in the Health Care field in which I have some background experience in the field working for a provider management company, and Psycare. My goal was to continue school and get a higher education, which is why I left, but with some networking I’m sure I won’t have a problem finding my dream job.

Thank you for your time.


David Agyagos  /  Moonlight Screen Printing

 My roots became firmly planted in our downtown Encinitas soil over 30 years ago.  I grew from local Middle School, High School, and College, into grocery clerk (15 years), then entrepreneur.  I am now the president of Moonlight Screen Printing Inc., a successful downtown business that I started 20 years ago.  I am the father of two beautiful children.  I am a surfer communicating the “Aloha Spirit” by sharing our surf town with the community at large.  My life is devoted to showing others what a beautiful place it is we call “home”.  

I have seen our downtown grow from tumble weeds into new development.  I have helped shape Encinitas by serving on many committees, which include: Streetscape, Security and Survey/Stakeholders.  I have chaired the Outdoor Dining & Parking Committees.  I recently serve as DEMA’s president and am currently on the Executive Board of Directors as its Past President.  I also serve on the Executive Board of Directors for the Encinitas Preservation Association for the Boat Houses.


Rich Sylvester  /  Downtown Property Owner

 I am the former owner of Encinitas TV, since 1955, which I purchased in 1991. In 2001 we exercised our option and purchased the commercial building in which our business resided. As we have a vested interest, we are committed to the evolution of Downtown Encinitas. I sold the business this year and have leased the building to Coast Law Group. Sadly, ETV has left downtown; however, it still remains in Encinitas on El Camino Real. Even though my personal residence is in Carlsbad, La Costa, I have been involved in Coastal North County for almost 25 years. I have held office on many boards of directors for youth sport organizations as well as coaching and refereeing. Also, I have held board positions and am past President of North Coast Business Group. This organization has honored me as their first Emeritus member. Having served on the board of DEMA for the past 6 years has been a rewarding experience. I look forward to further service to the Downtown.



Shoja Naimi  /  Roxy Restaurant

 Shoja Naimi has lived in Encinitas for over 35 years.  He owns and operates the ever popular and successful Roxy Restaurant, in business also for over 35 years.  He sat on the board of DEMA as it was just forming 25 years ago and was instrumental in organizing and producing the first street fair in downtown Encinitas.

 Shoja believes that his long term downtown business knowledge would bring much to the current DEMA board.  If elected, he would like to contribute by working on downtown parking issues. 


Brent Stephens  /  CONCEPT Specialty Board Shop

 I am the owner of CONCEPT Specialty Board Shop on D Street in Downtown Encinitas which I opened in 2008. 

 For more than 20 years, I have been a very active and proactive member of our community, focusing on our next generation, keeping them on a positive and productive path while pursuing their goals and dreams.  We all share some common ground, which is our love of our community and our lifestyle, and our love of surfing this diverse stretch of coastline we call home.  I have developed a deep rooted love and respect for our little community here in Encinitas, and a passion to help keep our strong and motivated youth on the right track while consistently raising the bar of progression.

 In 2004 I created ICON, a sports management company which split into two different companies, Dawn Patrol Surf Camps and Step Up Surf Program, two years later.    Dawn Patrol is our beginner/intermediate level surf camp and is our way of introducing kids to surfing and the ocean environment while learning safety and the basic fundamentals and techniques of surfing.   The Step Up Program is a very specific and advanced program designed for the competitive athlete that wants to compete at the highest level and pursue a career as an amateur and ultimately as a professional surfer.

 In 2006, I was asked by the City of Encinitas Parks and Recreation Department to take over and run all of the surf programs that were being offered by them.  We are now in our 6th year as the exclusive partner of the City of Encinitas and it has given me the opportunity to reach so many personal goals of keeping our local youth striving to be the best they can be.

 I have a real love and passion for everything that I do in my life.   When I give my efforts to something, I give 100% of myself, and I always try to get that same focus and drive from my students and my staff.  I set very high standards and goals, and am very proud of many things I have done to help kids in our community stay on the right path and see them accomplish things they didn’t know they were capable of.


Dr. Ian Hoffman  /  Chiropractic Health & Happiness 

I will work hard to help strengthen the downtown economy while preserving the family-friendly, small town community feel that we all love!  I have experience with board meetings, fund raising, and event planning and I volunteered many hours this year working with DEMA to help plan a successful Wellness Week.  I proposed to my wife at the Self Realization Fellowship gardens, and we plan to start our own family here, so I am highly motivated to work with the current DEMA team to continuously strengthen existing projects and provide new ideas that will benefit downtown businesses and families.  Encinitas is known as a mecca for wellness-minded, eco-friendly, artistic, and health conscious individuals.  I look forward to representing this important aspect of Encinitas culture on the DEMA board.  Thanks for your vote! 


Phillip Drew  /  Encinitas Pizza Company

Hi. My name is Phillip Drew and I am interested in being more involved in the community that I live and have lived in for the past 15 years. Encinitas has been a part of my life for the past 20 years and hopefully will be my home for the rest of my life.

I have been in the hospitality industry for almost my entire career. Recently I assembled a small group of people and purchased Giovanni’s and have been working on trying to launch a new restaurant by the name of Encinitas Pizza Company. So far we have done 80% of the work and have made substantial progress. Though the process will never truly be complete, our goal is to grow our business as we grow our lives here in Encinitas.

I would like to participate on the board and further my involvement in the community. I care a lot about the town that I live in and am excited to do all I can to support it and support the business community that is such an important part of what is Encinitas. As business owners I feel as though I have a responsibility to preserve what is Encinitas and improve it the best I can. I have the drive and desire to contribute all that I can to DEMA. Thank you for your consideration.


Doug Long  /  Bert’s Plumbing

I am Doug Long. I own and operate Bert’s Plumbing, a downtown Encinitas staple, since 1974. I have been a long time civic volunteer, helping with projects at the San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, San Dieguito High School, La Costa Canyon High School, and the Encinitas Heritage Museum, to name a few. I have sponsored many sports teams over the 39 years including Girls Softball, Little League, and Soccer.

 I have served on several civic committees, and boards. I am a past president of the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association, and serve on the Encinitas Preservation Association board. I also served as chairman for the Encinitas Parks & Recreation Commission, and now again as a commissioner.

 I was recently selected as DEMA’s Volunteer of the Decade, and also received the prestigious Ida Lou Coley Award for Community Involvement.

 I strongly believe in civic duty and because of that, I strongly believe in what DEMA does for our downtown. If elected, I will work to make sure that DEMA continues its preservation and promotional efforts in our downtown.

 Thanks for being a part of the DEMA family.


Dave Peck  /  Coast Law Group

 At age 13 I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. I knew then, however, that I wanted to one day live in Encinitas. It was at that age, in the summer of 1982, that I first visited town as part of a YMCA surf camp field trip. My family lived in Irvine and a “surfari” to North San Diego County seemed like a true adventure. The master-planned community where I grew up did not have a downtown. Our local beaches, in Newport, did not have reefs. I distinctly recall being awestruck by both the eclectic vibe and stunning natural beauty of this (then) small town by the sea.  My goal was finally achieved in 1998. I was then working at a large law firm on the 45th floor of a downtown Los Angeles high rise. My firm announced that it would soon be opening a San Diego office. I immediately lobbied for, and was granted, the opportunity to be one of the three attorneys to open that office. On July 10, 1998, my then-girlfriend and I packed up a U-Haul and made the move from Manhattan Beach to Cardiff. I have lived in the City of Encinitas ever since.

 By 2005 I was a partner in that same large law firm. I had a wife, a mortgage and an infant son. While it was an exciting time, the commute to downtown San Diego was taking its toll on me. I had also grown weary of law firm bureaucracy and wearing wingtips every day. It was then I met some fellow attorneys at a meeting of the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.  These lawyers were not like those I was used to dealing with. They were surfers. They wore flip flops to their office in Encinitas. They recognized the importance of balancing work, family and community. I wanted in.

 I joined Coast Law Group as a partner in February 2006. Our office was then located in a small office park off Saxony Road. As our numbers continued to grow, we recognized the need for a new home and began touring many available spaces. None seemed like a good fit. When we saw a “For Lease” sign on the ETV building just north of Swami’s, it seemed too perfect to be true. Indeed, my partners and I toured the space multiple times, always concluding that it was financially beyond our reach. But then we asked ourselves the question that made all the difference: What sacrifices were we willing to make to call “Main Street” Encinitas our home?

 In June 2009 CLG opened its doors at 1140 South Coast Hwy 101. We now have 13 attorneys and seven staff members. Being part of downtown Encinitas is truly the realization of a dream for me. My office faces the 101 sidewalk and the parade of characters that pass by my window is never boring. I always look forward to my daily lunchtime strolls to a variety of local restaurants. When the stresses of lawyering approach the red line, a walk to the surf or the SRF Meditation Gardens provides a perfect opportunity to clear the mind.

 I have been an Encinitas homeowner since 2002. My son Trevor, now seven years old, will start second grade next month at Ocean Knoll Elementary. This past year I served as chief of Trevor’s Adventure Guides tribe through the Ecke YMCA. I was also an assistant coach for his 2012 Little League team.

 My desire to join DEMA is founded upon my passion for our community. I still think of Encinitas as that precious small town by the sea. Our downtown has seen many exciting changes in recent years but I understand that change is inevitably accompanied by controversy. Having practiced law for nearly two decades, I offer DEMA a skill set focused on both problem solving and advocacy. It would bring me great pleasure to serve our community in manner such that my son will one day see how fortunate he is to call Encinitas his hometown.


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