“Are Your Supplements Helping Or Hurting You?” presentation by Life in Motion, Naturopathic Medical Care at Encinitas Library

Thursday, January 24: 5:30pm -6:15pm

Audience will learn about:

  1. How social media got us hooked on taking 20+pills/day
  2. Harm in self-diagnosing and self-treating, even if it’s done naturally
  3. How to identify and avoid supplements that can hurt you
  4. The effects of taking the wrong natural supplement
  5. How to find a high quality supplement
  6. Truth about our natural nutrient source (food)
  7. Learn what your body NEEDS and can use, verse taking the full spectrum “just ’cause”
  8. Specific Blood Tests available to see where you are deficient
  9. Alternatives to pharmaceuticals or the “wait and see” response for kids and adults dealing with acute and chronic issues alike.
  10. Body heal thyself – How to save money and improve your health naturally